Book Bonus Material

The Beginner’s Guide to Cheesemaking is my first and only published book (so far…), and it’s hitting virtual and real-life shelves on March 14, 2017.

At the beginning of each chapter I’ve included a “Make Sheet Template” specific to the style of cheesemaking addressed in the chapter. I want readers to take these templates and truly use them…use and amend them until your own recipes hardly resemble mine!

In the spirit of pushing you readers out there who may be a bit tentative to start, I want to make it even easier for you. Here are all eight of the make sheet templates found in the book, for your re-use (until you graduate and make your own!):

Chèvre Make Sheet

Tomme Make Sheet

Soft & Spreadable Make Sheet

Brined & Cooked Make Sheet

Semi-Hard Cheese Make Sheet

Hard Cheese Make Sheet

Blue Cheese Make Sheet

Dairy Ferment Make Sheet